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[texts]The story of the Ruthenians - Hunter, A. J
Cover title
Keywords: Ruthenians; Ruthenians; Ruthenians; Ruthenian Canadians; Ruthenian Canadians
Downloads: 148
[texts]Dzieje Kosciola unickiego na Litwie i Rusi w XVIII i XIX wieku [microform] :buwazane glownie ze wzgledu na przyczyny jego upadku - Likowski, Edward, 1836-1915
Keywords: Catholic Church. Byzantine rite (Ruthenian)
Downloads: 3,047
[texts]Knyzhochka platnycha i statut [microform] - Ruthenian National Benefit Society (Toronto)
Constitution and dues book
Keywords: Ruthenian National Benefit Society (Toronto); Ruthenian National Benefit Society (Toronto); Fraternal organizations; Mutuelles
Downloads: 42
[texts]Songs of Ukraina [microform] : with Ruthenian poems
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Songs, Ukrainian; Ruthenian poetry; Chansons ukrainiennes; Poésie ruthenienne
Downloads: 64
[audio]M Mironenko - Czerez Riczenko and Wiut Witry - M Mironenko
Tenor M Mironenko sings two Ruthenian folk songs, "Czerez Riczenko" (ЧЕРЕЗ РIЧЕНЬКО)and "Wiut Witry" (ВIЮТ ВIТРИ)in this recording made in New York on March 3, 1913.  From the original 78rpm disk.
Keywords: Ruthenian; Rusyn; Ukrainian; folk; traditional; world music; 78rpm
Downloads: 200
[audio]Wspiwaw Maloruski kwartet - Ruthenian Folk Song Medley from circa 1909 - Wspiwaw Maloruski kwartet
A medley of Ruthenian folk tunes is performed by the Wspiwaw Maloruski kwartet "pri akompan. orkestra" in this early recording from circa 1909. From the original 78rpm disk
Keywords: Ruthenian; Maloruski; Folk; Traditional; World Music; 78rpm
Downloads: 127
[audio]M Mironenko - Two Ruthenian Folk Songs circa 1910 - M Mironenko
M Mironenko sings two Ruthenian folk songs, "Oy U Lutzi" and "Reve da Stonje" in this recording from circa 1910. From the original 78rpm disk.
Keywords: Ruthenian; Rusyn; Ukrainian; folk; traditional; world music; 78rpm
Downloads: 673 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]History Of The Greek Rite Catholics By John Slivka - John Slivka
"The History of the Greek Rite Catholics in Pannonia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Podkarpatska Rus' 863-1949" by John Slivka. Details religious and political history of the Rusin (Rusyns) or Ruthenian Catholics (Eastern Rite Catholic in union with the Pope of Rome). The Ruthenian Eastern Rite Catholics established communion with the Pope and separated from Eastern Orthodoxy but retained many of the traditions of the Orthodox Church...
Keywords: Rusin; Rusyn; Ruthenian; Greek Rite; Eastern Catholic; Byzantine Catholic; Orthodox; Hungary; Czechoslovakia; Uniate; Eastern Orthodox; Latin Rite; Latin Church
Downloads: 757
[texts]Married Priesthood Restored To US Byzantine Church
"Married Priesthood Restored To US Byzantine Church," news article from 1998. Initial news report for the promulgation of Particular Law for the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church, which included the restoration of the right to ordain married men to the priesthood in this Eastern Catholic Church. Shortly after this report was published, the Particular Law was put on hold at the Vatican's request and the canon allowing the ordination of married men never took effect due to concerns from Catholic...
Keywords: Eastern Catholic; Byzantine Catholic; Ruthenian; Uniate; Orthodox; Roman Catholic; Greek Catholic; Ukrainian Greek Catholic; Melkite Greek Catholic; Clerical Celibacy; Married Priests
Downloads: 173
[texts]A Shepherd Shares His Vision - George Kuzma
A Shepherd Shares His Vision. Homily by Bishop George Kuzma of the Epachy of Van Nuys of the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church, given March 19, 1995 at the enthronement of Metropolitan Judson Procyk. Bishop George recounts the history of the Byzantine Catholic Metropolia of Pittsburgh and then describes his vision for the future of the Church. The Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church is a sui juris (self-governing) Eastern Catholic Church in communion with the Pope of Rome.
Keywords: Eastern Catholic; Byzantine Catholic; Ruthenian; Uniate; Orthodox; Roman Catholic; Greek Catholic; Ukrainian Greek Catholic; Melkite Greek Catholic; Clerical Celibacy; Married Priests
Downloads: 145
[texts]Cum Data Fuerit 1929 - Sacred Oriental Congregation
"Cum Data Fuerit," English translation of the Decree of the Sacred Oriental Congregation in Rome, originally published in Latin on March 1, 1929 in reference to Eastern Catholics in the USA. The decree, which was approved by Pope Pius XI on February 9, 1929, established norms for the American Eastern Catholic Churches (at that time comprising what are now known as Ukrainian and Ruthenian Catholic Churches) in 43 articles...
Keywords: Byzantine Catholic; Greek Catholic; Ruthenian Catholic; Ukrainian Greek Catholic; Eastern Catholic; Roman Catholic; Orthodox; Uniate; Canon Law; Married Priests; Celibacy; Ea Semper; Eastern Congregation; Oriental Congregation
Downloads: 389
[audio]Byzantine Rite Easter Liturgy
Byzantine Rite Easter Divine Liturgy (1977) from St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Selections from the Easter Liturgy sung primarily in English. Celebrant was Msgr. Bodnar. Responses are sung by St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Choir, Nicholas Kalvin, Director.
Keywords: Divine Liturgy; Byzantine Catholic; Greek Catholic; Ruthenian Catholic; Eastern Catholic; Orthodox; Easter; Pascha; Uniate; Prostopinije; Rusin; Rusyn; Carpatho-Russian; Carpatho-Rusin
Downloads: 456
[texts]Pope And Patriarchs Letters Of Pope Pius IX And Orthodox Patriarchs
"Pope and Patriarchs: The 1848 Letters of Pope Pius IX and the Orthodox Patriarchs." Contains an English translation of Pope Pius IX's Apostolic Letter In Suprema Petri Apostoli Sede "On The Supreme Throne of Peter the Apostle," dated 6 January 1848. Pope Pius IX's Letter was written to Eastern Christians, both Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Later that year, the Orthodox Patriarchs issued a reply which is also included in the file.
Keywords: Pius IX; Pope; Papacy; Orthodox; Eastern Orthodox; Papal Supremacy; Papal Primacy; Church Fathers; Eastern Catholic; Melkite Greek Catholic; Ukrainian Greek Catholic; Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic; Uniate; Uniatism; Roman Catholic; Catholic
Downloads: 234
[texts]Historical Mirror Greek Rite Catholics 1884-1963 - John Slivka
Historical Mirror: Sources of the Rusin and Hungarian Greek Rite Catholics in the United States of America 1884-1963 by Fr. John Slivka. A compendium of historical documents and some pictures relating to the establishment of the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church (an Eastern Catholic Church in union with the Pope of Rome) in the USA. Records reaction to the papal decrees Ea Semper (1907) and Cum Data Fuerit (1929) which imposed priestly celibacy on the Ruthenian Church in the USA and led to def...
Keywords: Byzantine Catholic; Ruthenian; Greek Catholic; Rusin; Rusyn; Uniate; Ukrainian Greek Catholic; Ea Semper; Cum Data Fuerit; Eastern Catholic; Married Priests; Priestly Celibacy; Eastern Congregation; Eastern Rite; American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese; Orthodox; Orthodoxy; Alexius Toth; Russian Orthodox; Alexis Toth; Oriental Congregation; Union of Uzhorod; Union of Brest
Downloads: 3,667
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.religion from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.religion", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.religion.christian-identity; alt.religion.christian.youth-ministry; alt.religion.scientology.new-church; alt.religion.jonism; alt.religion.sufism; alt.religion.christian.ywam; alt.religion.cabal.bob; alt.religion.bonnism.fat.fat; alt.religion.christian-identity; alt.religion.gay-les-bi-tran.dowap; alt.religion.ubergenetics; alt.religion.paulo-dimas; alt.religion.christian.ywam; alt.religion.thelastchurch; alt.religion.christian-identity; alt.religion.eastern; alt.religion.scientology.new-church; alt.religion.scientology.int-dispute; alt.religion.jonism; alt.religion.christian.boston-church; alt.religion.roman-catholic; alt.religion.christian.plymouth.brethren; alt.religion.liet.santoy; alt.religion.paulo-dimas.philosophy; alt.religion.end-times.prophecies; alt.religion.bartman; alt.religion.scientology.squick.squick.squick; alt.religion.deism; alt.religion.rational; alt.religion.christian.ukrainian-orthodox; alt.religion.islam; alt.religion.tolkienology; alt.religion.islam.shia; alt.religion.broadcast; alt.religion.christian.favorite-books; alt.religion.voodoo; alt.religion.dake-bonoism; alt.religion.subgenius; alt.religion.barney; alt.religion.shamanism; alt.religion.christianity.hypocrisy; alt.religion.christian.intervarsity; alt.religion.drew-hamilton; alt.religion.macarena; alt.religion.christian.hymns; alt.religion.jenney-choi; alt.religion.buddhism.theravada; alt.religion.totology; alt.religion.flonk.flonk; alt.religion.spiritism.spiritualism.moderated; alt.religion.christian.jesus-connect; alt.religion.ayse-sercan; alt.religion.jedi; alt.religion.paulo-dimas.deveras; alt.religion.kibology.second-coming; alt.religion.scientology.xenu; alt.religion.gay-les-bi-tran; alt.religion.emacs; alt.religion.bahai; alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren.shoshu.news; alt.religion.vince; alt.religion.santaism; alt.religion.christian.elbrujo; alt.religion.vaisnava; alt.religion.secular.atavism; alt.religion.getuology; alt.religion.gods; alt.religion.watchtower-reform; alt.religion.cult-defense; 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alt.religion.paulo-dimas.worship; alt.religion.christian.calvarychapel; alt.religion.christian.20-something; alt.religion.auto.yugo; alt.religion.rastafarian; alt.religion.scientology-sucks; alt.religion.kibologyh; alt.religion.buddhism.ris-med; alt.religion.buddhism; alt.religion.buddhism.theravda; alt.religion.satanic; alt.religion.ethiopian.empire; alt.religion.flonk; alt.religion.pcboard; alt.religion.ethiopian; alt.religion.afterburner; alt.religion.biff-mullins; alt.religion.anticrust; alt.religion.universal-life; alt.religion.h2o; alt.religion.karaite-judaism; alt.religion.mormon.fellowship; alt.religion.computers; alt.religion.jain; alt.religion.ethiopian.messianic-jews; alt.religion.extinct; alt.religion.autos.yugo; alt.religion.christian.methodist; alt.religion.hindu; alt.religion.pagan; alt.religion.skeenoism; alt.religion.kibology.is.dead.dead; alt.religion.roshambo; alt.religion.fish; alt.religion.christian.penetcostal; alt.religion.keithians; alt.religion.dishwashing; alt.religion.w-w-chuch-god; 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